A FREE Holiday Anthology

( and some December slow burns recs)

Some wonderful authors over at Bookfunnel  (myself included) have put together a whole list of sexy, slow burn romance recommendations for you. The list has over 50 full length novels from romance authors that are sure to be steamy and packed full of sexual tension.

Click this link to check it out!

A Free Holiday Anthology!

Give yourself the gift of free romance with this new winter collection!

12 FREE holiday stories stuffed with all the deliciousness and none of the calories. These short and steamy stories have never been available before and are FREE for a limited time only!

Featuring brand new, holiday romances by your favorite authors, including

– Claudia Burgoa
– Jewel E. Ann
– Kristy Marie
– Lea Coll
– Jenna Hartley
– Jennifer Van Wyk
– LB Dunbar
– Samantha Lind
– JH Croix
– Carrie Elks
– Brit Benson
– Emily McIntire

Grab your copy now https://BookHip.com/RDPWWCG

If you’ve read Love You Better, then you’ve already met the heroine in my short story, Cassie Larsen. But the hero…well, he’s new.
And older.
And a Ph.D. candidate in applied social and health psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder.

To say he’s dreamy would be an understatement. So grab this anthology and meet your new (twelve) book boyfriends! It’s only available through the month of December, so don’t wait!

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