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Better With You Release

Riggs Stanton is a thief,

He’s also a liar, a jerk, and a playboy jock.
Sure, I might have thought we had a connection.
I might have thought he was worth breaking my “no dating” rule.
He might have even given me the best orgasm I’ve ever experienced to date.
But it was a farce.
A trick.
Another lie.
And I don’t make mistakes twice.

Now he says he needs me.
One week of my help and I never have to deal with him again.
For ten grand, I can suffer anything for seven days.
Even Riggs Stanton.


The more time I spend with him, the more I get to know him, the more I question myself.
What if what we shared before was real, and it’s everything else that’s fake?


Kelley Pierce is my person.

Loyal. Dependable. Strong.
He makes me laugh on my darkest days and calms me when I’m at my most chaotic.

He’s also totally gorgeous, or so I’ve been told.
And sinfully sexy, not that it matters.
Best friends don’t notice those things.

Kelley gets me like no one else does, and I get him. Our friendship is perfect.
Kind of.
One chemistry-filled moment has the power to change everything, and soon old feelings we’d ignored and memories we’d tried to forget come crashing back.

I never want to lose him, but I’ve been keeping secrets.

And I never prepared for falling in love with my best friend.

Love You Better is a sweet and sexy standalone, best friends to lovers, second chance romance. It’s got heart, heat, and an HEA sure to make you swoon

Editorial Reviews

“You know those books that make you swoon so hard that you’re not sure you’ll ever recover. This. Book.
Smart, sexy, witty and sharp—this is the love story between Ivy and Kelly. Love You Better is a knock out of the park kind of debut for Brit Benson, with a strong voice and a five star plot. She is exactly the kind of new-to-me author people should clamor to read.”

USA Today Bestselling author, Trilina Pucci

“I don’t know that I’ve ever fallen as hard for a book boyfriend as I did for Kelley Pierce. Gah. I’m still thinking about him and swooning. This book was so incredible, and I got completely swept up in Ivy and Kelley’s friends to lovers romance.”

Jenna Hartley, Author of the Love in LA series

“A shockingly amazing debut that made me laugh, cry, swoon, and cheer for these unforgettable, lovable characters. Still not 100% sure I believe Brit Benson hasn’t written ten other books. Everything about this story wowed me. Love You Better is an automatic one-click!”

USA Today Bestselling author, Ella James
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