Better With You Excerpt Teaser

I swear, this infuriating woman has my head spinning in circles. Most of the time, she hates my fucking guts. She won’t listen, she purposely goes against me at every opportunity, and she finds any reason possible to snap at me with that damn sassy mouth. But other times, I can tell she wants me.CravesContinue reading “Better With You Excerpt Teaser”

Better With You Teaser Excerpt

He nods, and my tears are a constant waterfall soaking my cheeks, chin, and neck. I clamp my eyes shut again and take a few steadying breaths. “I have to go. My heart can’t handle any more of this,” I choke out. I lower my voice to a whisper. “It hurts too much. You’re hurtingContinue reading “Better With You Teaser Excerpt”

LYB Teaser Excerpt Four

“Ivy,” I say and press our foreheads together.“Yes?” Her voice trembles. I graze my nose along hers.“I want…” I lick my lips.“…Yes?” Her soft panting breaths fan over my face, and I pause, willing my heart to stop pounding.I’m going to kiss her.I’m going to kiss her and I’m never going to stop.“Ivy, I wantContinue reading “LYB Teaser Excerpt Four”