2022 Plans

Jesse’s Book! The third standalone in the Better Love series is coming this spring! Jesse’s book will be out sometime in April, and I’m so excited for everyone to read it! This story has been TRYING, to say the least. If you’ve read Love You Better or Better With You, then you’ve already met JesseContinue reading “2022 Plans”

A FREE Holiday Anthology

( and some December slow burns recs) Some wonderful authors over at Bookfunnel  (myself included) have put together a whole list of sexy, slow burn romance recommendations for you. The list has over 50 full length novels from romance authors that are sure to be steamy and packed full of sexual tension.Click this link toContinue reading “A FREE Holiday Anthology”

Better With You Trope Breakdown

Better With You releases on November 23rd.ARCs go out November 13th. Here’s a bit of what you can expect from BWY: ⭐️enemies to lovers (but more like lovers to enemies to partners to…well you’ll see.)🍒iTs JuSt SeX🔥there’s only one bed!🏍Grumpy/Sunshine⚾️Alpha jock who loves his momma👩‍🎤”Girl at the rock show” meets “girl next door” heroine🧁Boys WhoContinue reading “Better With You Trope Breakdown”

Better With You Excerpt Teaser

I swear, this infuriating woman has my head spinning in circles. Most of the time, she hates my fucking guts. She won’t listen, she purposely goes against me at every opportunity, and she finds any reason possible to snap at me with that damn sassy mouth. But other times, I can tell she wants me.CravesContinue reading “Better With You Excerpt Teaser”

Better With You Teaser Excerpt

He nods, and my tears are a constant waterfall soaking my cheeks, chin, and neck. I clamp my eyes shut again and take a few steadying breaths. “I have to go. My heart can’t handle any more of this,” I choke out. I lower my voice to a whisper. “It hurts too much. You’re hurtingContinue reading “Better With You Teaser Excerpt”

Better With You Announcements!

Better With You, the second standalone in the Better Love Series, is now available for PREORDER on all platforms! This is Bailey’s story. This is a standalone, so it’s not necessary to read Love You Better first, but Better With You will contain minor spoilers for Love You Better. Dates! Cover Reveal: 10/11ARCS Out: 11/13Release:Continue reading “Better With You Announcements!”

LYB Teaser Excerpt Two

“I bet he’s a beast in bed.” I’m stunned. “Kelley? No… You think?” She shrugs and smirks. “You think just because he’s responsible and studious—” “—and respectful and kind and considerate,” I interject. “Yeah, yeah, all those things. You think just because Kelley presents in public as a Mr. fucking Rogers, that he can’t doContinue reading “LYB Teaser Excerpt Two”

LYB Teaser Excerpt One

I can’t stop myself from looking him over. My gaze rakes down his body, exploring and discovering details I’ve somehow been missing, and my body releases a sigh of relief. It’s as if my eyes are rejoicing in finally being allowed to see him fully. To appreciate the view in a way that they’ve previouslyContinue reading “LYB Teaser Excerpt One”