Better With You Teaser Excerpt

He nods, and my tears are a constant waterfall soaking my cheeks, chin, and neck. I clamp my eyes shut again and take a few steadying breaths. “I have to go. My heart can’t handle any more of this,” I choke out. I lower my voice to a whisper. “It hurts too much. You’re hurtingContinue reading “Better With You Teaser Excerpt”

LYB Teaser Excerpt Three

I take my hand off her where it’s been massaging and teasing her nipple, and she whimpers at the loss of contact. “Shhhh, baby.” I laugh lightly and kiss her lips. “I’m going to see if you want me as much as I want you.” Slowly, I skim my fingertips down her torso and herContinue reading “LYB Teaser Excerpt Three”