2022 Plans

Jesse’s Book!

The third standalone in the Better Love series is coming this spring!

Jesse’s book will be out sometime in April, and I’m so excited for everyone to read it! This story has been TRYING, to say the least. If you’ve read Love You Better or Better With You, then you’ve already met Jesse and probably have a good idea as to why this book has been a challenge.

But Jesse’s girl…she’s something special.  

Jocelyn is everything we could want for our boy and more. You saw a teeny tiny glimpse of her in Better With You, and until we get closer to release, that’s all you’re gonna get.  

But, to whet your appetite, here’s what you can expect with NFB:
*Single Mom
*Small age gap
*Adorable kids
*Feisty grandma
*”Just for the summer” Sex
*Some laughter, some tears, and a good amount of steam

 Be watching for updates regarding preorder, promo signups, etc.
Until then, click the link to add it to your TBR.

A Secret Project

This one is a little different, and I am shooting for a late summer release. It’s not part of the Better Love world, and as of right now, it’s a standalone.
I’m excited and nervous about it. 

 All I’ll tell you for now is that it’s contemporary new adult with some suspense, it’s been in my head for years, and it’s been getting louder and louder in recent months. Like, “wake up at 3 am and ignore your current WIP so you can frantically write down the scenes that came to you in your dreams” kind of loud. It been a serious exercise in self control waiting for Jesse’s release before focusing on this one. 

Add it to your TBR now!

A Holiday Novella

As the cover states, this is a holiday novella in the Better Love world and I’m planning for a mid-November release date. I’m essentially taking my short story from the All I Want Is You anthology, A Christmas Layover, and expanding it into a long novella.
If you’ve read the short, you have an idea of what you’ll get, but with a few changes, more scenes, and more Nan. Oh, and a title change. 

Add it to your TBR now!

A Book Box

Love You Better is going to be featured in the ROMANCE REVEAL BOOK BOX and I am BEYOND pumped for it.  

When they contacted me about being included as a featured author a couple months ago, my first reaction was, “Me!? You sure you’re asking the right author?” This is an absolute honor and a dream and I still can’t believe it’s happening.  

If you’re hoping for a chance to get a signed copy of Love You Better and you love book subscription boxes, check out Romance Reveal! 

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