It’s Live!

Nothing Feels Better is in the wild!

Book three in the Better Love series is now available on all platforms, and I am SO EXCITED for everyone to read it. Jesse, Jocelyn, and the J-Squad have stolen my heart, and judging from the early reviews, the readers are loving them as well!

Reviews are rolling in, and I couldn’t be happier with the reader reaction to my babies!

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Nothing Feels Better

Jesse Hernandez has infiltrated my life.

The gorgeous, exciting man who hangs out next door.
Who happens to be younger than me.
And in college.
And heading to medical school in just a few short months.

It started innocently enough.
The occasional run-in.
A few chance encounters.
An offer to babysit.
An offer for…more.

But then it snowballed.

Now, I only know two things for certain.
One, for the first time in my entire life, I’m not an afterthought.
And two, this will end very, very badly.

My kids. My job. His future.
It’s all at risk.

Jesse Hernandez has infiltrated my life, and if I’m not careful, we will all be in tatters when he leaves.

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