LYB Teaser Excerpt One

I can’t stop myself from looking him over. My gaze rakes down his body, exploring and discovering details I’ve somehow been missing, and my body releases a sigh of relief. It’s as if my eyes are rejoicing in finally being allowed to see him fully. To appreciate the view in a way that they’ve previously been denied.

Gosh, he looks good.

I’ve always known he is attractive. I’m not blind. But this new recognition? This is next-level.

Kelley’s auburn hair is styled in that unstyled way that looks like someone just ran their fingers through it. I have to clasp my hands into fists to keep from trying it out for myself. His hazel eyes are sparkling with mischief, his plump lips still sporting that infuriating and extremely hot smirk.

Curse that smirk. I frown. I’m too tipsy to handle it.

I let my eyes drift downward. The top two buttons on his dark grey Henley are undone, exposing a sliver of smooth, golden chest. The shirt fits him just snug enough to draw attention to his defined pecs and biceps, and his long sleeves are pulled up slightly, to show off his forearms.

Frankly, it’s borderline indecent.

The way he’s flaunting his forearms for everyone in Keggers to see. The way his biceps are outlined through his shirt. If I stare hard enough, I could probably see the indention of his six-pack. I’m surprised we’re not swarmed by thirsty women and men trying to sneak a peek. And I am the biggest hypocrite.

When I let my eyes fall down to his tight, dark wash jeans, I hear him laugh. It’s low, rough, and seductive. I feel it everywhere.

“You’re acting like you’ve never seen me before.” I can hear the cocky grin in his voice.

I lift my eyes to his. Who is this unbelievably sexy man in front of me, and what has he done with my best friend?

“Maybe I haven’t.”

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